Rejection of multi-cultural society and ISIS are not the primary reason behind anti Muslim bigotry

a cartoon showing Europe as a evil lady and a sword in which the word islamophobia is written. Islamophobia is by definition, anti Muslim hate

If you want to know why anti-Muslim sentiment is on the rise in Europe, look no further than the Daily Telegraph:

Anti-Muslim sentiment on rise in Europe due to migration and Isil as continent rejects multi-cultural society
Europe is rejecting the idea that multi-culturalism is beneficial to society following a year in which the migrant crisis and Isil-inspired terror attacks have boosted anti-Muslim sentiment across the continent, a new Europe-wide survey has shown. 
The data from Pew Research, the leading non-partisan US social attitudes survey company, will serve as another sharp warning to Europe’s political elites about the growing strength of grassroots sentiment over the migration issue.

Yeah, right.

"What a bunch of Arab nationalists are doing in ME and a few incidents in the Europe are changing the sentiment of the European white population against their Muslim neighbors." -- This assertion is as valid as "The United States went into Iraq to establish democracy and promote freedom." The mainstream media promotes this assertion to distract from the real cause.

What is the real cause? What is the primary reason behind anti Muslim bigotry?

According to the Independent, "British media is responsible for the rise in Islamophobia in Britain". The Independent reported in April 2016:

Why the British media is responsible for the rise in Islamophobia in Britain
Once again, a newspaper’s integrity has been found wanting as the press regulator, IPSO, judged the Daily Star Sunday’s headline, “UK mosques fundraising for terror”, to be “significantly misleading” following a complaint lodged by myself. The paper clarified its error on page 2, noting that UK mosques were actually “not involved in any way”. This came just a week after The Sun was forced to acknowledge that its headline “1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ sympathy for jihadis” was similarly misleading. 
Such inaccuracies are not restricted to the tabloid press. The Times, for example, claimed Muslims were “silent on terror”. This allegation has since been unequivocally rebuffed not only by Home Secretary Theresa May but also by senior counter-terror officers such as Neil Basu and Scotland Yard’s former anti-terror chief Richard Walton
It’s not just misleading stories which are the problem - we also consistently see articles conflating the faith of Islam with criminality, such as the headlines “Muslim sex grooming” or “Imam beaten to death in sex grooming town” - the latter of which resulted in the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police being “appalled” and writing an open letter criticising the paper. 
Sensationalism and scaremongering about the apparent threat posed by Muslims is also widespread. Just look at headlines such as: “BBC puts Muslims before you” (Daily Star); “Halal secret of Pizza Express” (The Sun); “Muslim vote could decide 25 per cent of seats” (Daily Mail).

That means, a significant number of right leaning news outlets in Britain are advocates of anti Muslim bigotry.

Recent research by the University of Cambridge has shown that mainstream media reporting about Muslim communities is contributing to an atmosphere of rising hostility toward Muslims in Britain, corroborating the findings of an Islamophobia Roundtable in Stockholm two years ago. Claiming that the media has played no role in the growth in Islamophobia is no longer a tenable position.
More than half of Britons see Islam (the mainstream religion, not Islamist fundamentalist groups) as a threat to Western liberal democracy. Over 30 per cent of young children believe Muslims are ‘taking over England’ and hate crime against Muslims continues to rise, up by 70 per cent in the last year, according to the Metropolitan police.

The mainstream media often ignores these findings to downplay their hand in the rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe. The narrative that Europeans are becoming anti-Muslim because they reject multi-cultural society is not backed by any real evidence. If the majority of Europeans were against multicultural society, they would oppose all other cultures (e.g. Jewish culture, Hindu culture) but the opposition to Islamic culture is far more prevalent than opposition to Jewish, Chinese or Hindu culture.

And the second reason mentioned in the Telegraph report that rejection of ISIS leads to anti Muslim bigotry is also inaccurate. Most Europeans view Russia unfavorably but that doesn't lead them to hate Russians.

Also, another study by Indiana University has evidence that media coverage of Muslims have contributed to the rise of Islamophobia. It says:

Our third and final hypothesis predicts that respondents who paid more attention to
news stories about the 2010 controversy surrounding the planned Islamic Community
Center would hold stronger anti-Muslim attitudes in the United States. As Table 2 indicates, this hypothesis is supported in three of four cases.
Respondents who paid more attention to the Park51 news stories not only were more likely to oppose the construction of the Center (b ¼ .16, p < .001), but also were more likely to oppose the idea that Muslims should have the same rights as other religious groups to build houses of worship and local communities (b ¼ .07, p < .05). More attention to news about Park51 also correlated positively with the belief that Islam encourages violence (b ¼ .12, p < .001).
While these associations are relatively weak, they remain significant despite the
strong associations observed for control variables such as age, education and party identification. Hypothesis 3 is therefore supported.
It is also worthwhile to mention that respondents who claimed to know Muslims personally were more likely to hold positive attitudes toward Islam (b ¼ .13, p < .001), think that Islam is not a violent religion (b ¼.17, p < .001), and support the construction of the Islamic Community Center (b ¼ .09, p < .01). A higher level of self-perceived knowledge about Islam, on the other hand, only was associated with more support for the construction of the Center (b ¼.10, p < .01).

The research shows that people who know Muslims personally are less likely to have anti Muslim sentiment. It disproves the theory that the west is turning against Muslims because they reject multiculturalism. If western people were really against multiculturalism, then those who know Muslims personally would dislike Muslims more than the ones who don't.

This also proves that there is a correlation between Media's negative bigoted coverage of Muslims and the rise of Islamophobia. When a Muslim commits a crime, the Media brings up his fate which misleads the general population to think that Muslims are doing crimes because they are Muslim. The disproportionate coverage also creates the impression that Muslims commit more crimes than other people but the reality is the opposite. Immigrants in the US commit less crime than US born citizens (most Muslims are immigrants). And in Germany, Muslim refugees commit less crime than native Germans.

a image that shows how media negatively views Muslims which lead to Islamophobia


Mainstream media's negative portrayal of Muslims is primarily responsible for the rise of Islamophobia in the United States and Europe.