Science proves boys and girls perform better in gender segregated schools

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Girls perform better in all girls schools according to a study by the Good Schools Guide. The study was highlighted in both Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.

From The Guardian:

Girls are far more likely to thrive, get GCSEs and stay in education if they go to a single-sex school, according to new research, which reveals pupils who are struggling academically when they start secondary school reap the biggest rewards of girls-only schooling.

The analysis of the GCSE scores of more than 700,000 girls taught in the state sector concludes that those at girls' schools consistently made more progress than those in co-ed secondaries.

Another study by the Institute of Education’s Centre for Longitudinal Studies found that boys perform better in all boys schools and universities.

Centre for Longitudinal studies:

The researchers found that at age 16, girls in girls’ schools were more likely to gain maths and science A-levels, and boys in boys’ schools more liable to gain A-levels in English and modern languages than their peers in co-educational schools. Girls and boys in single-sex schools also had more confidence in their ability to do well in these subjects. 
The pattern carried through to university, with women from girls’ schools more likely than co-educated women to gain qualifications in subjects typically dominated by men and to go on to earn higher salaries in their jobs.

The combination of both studies prove that students perform better in gender segregated schools.